Mobile menu without loading jquery

Hi, I would need some help here. I've been trying to have the mobile menu (or canvas ) to work without loading jquery.

Wokring on an One page.....and eliminated a jquery use. and it's all ukit / css. It saves a big jquery file loading and one extra request. All good....except the only thing doen't work -without loading jquery - is the mobile menu So to load jquery just for the mobile menu (or canvas) - seams too much.

Is there a way, anyone know how to make a mobile menu (or canvas) work withoult loading jQuery?

If needs a small javascript fragment - to work - that's ok.....I can included it into a custom js file or add to functions.php.

If anyone know, please let me know.

Thanks a lot.

Update: Just in case anyone alse looking for the same thing: I find out from Uikit forum, that Uikit 2 canvas/mobile menu require to load jquery. Uilit 3 will not - will work without jquery. So you will have to wait till Beans migate to Uikit 3 (beans v 2) - or have to migrate yourself manually.


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