Mobile menu with submenu and top item clickable


I need to make a menu which have submenus and where the top item is also clickable

The normal behaviour doesn't allow that

Give an example Alexandra (like a image).

Hi Alex,

Do you mean that you want the submenu to open on top? If yes, kindly refer to this reply and the rest of the conversation from it.


Hello. I am new to Beans and i am using it for a project, after i heard good things about it. And so far, so good!

I believe Alexandra was refering to the parent links on the navigation of the website. By default, only the submenus are clickable. I would also like to know if there´s a way to achieve this.


EDIT: Please disregard my message, as i didn't read the thread's title correctly. I tought Alexandra was talking about the "regular" navigation and not the mobile version.

In response to "Mentol Atelier":

I think I had the same question as you (i.e. how to make the submenu drop down "on click" instead of "on hover" on the wide-screen "regular" navigation bar).

If you don't care about off-canvas navigation (!!), then you can just use the uikit "data-uk-dropdown" attribute:

beans_add_attribute('beans_menu_item', 'data-uk-dropdown', "{mode:'click'}");

However, in my hands this breaks the off-canvas menu (submenu no longer appears "on click"...)

I have started a new discussion topic that you might want to follow.

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