Missing some of the UIkit JS in compiler


For some reason Beans has ceased to compile and load all of the necessary JS. In the Safari Web Inspector, I see one compiled JS file that starts with the code for the "stackMargin" component. It is missing the prerequisite UIkit code (establishing the UIkit object, for example).

The result is that certain things don't work, like hover dropdowns, modals, etc.

I'd been experimenting with the WP Rocket caching plugin, and various configurations around minifying JS (all of which needed to be disabled ultimately), but even having deactivated that and removed all of its cached data (that I can find), I'm still now having this problem.

Any advice is appreciated. Many thanks!

Hi Micheal,

Combining file caching is definitely tricky and propably not the best approach unless you perfectly understand what it does in the backend. I would advise to do either or. If you are using WP Rocket, I would advise to disable Beans assets compiling (flush assets while you are at it) and let WP Rocket handle all the caching.

If you still encounter issues, the first step is to post a link to your site and if you want me to look further, please send temporary credentials to our contact form (100% confidential).

Happy coding,

Thanks, Thierry!

Actually, I've got this solved now. Ultimately, I just reinstalled Beans, and that worked. I had been using the up-to-date version, so it's a mystery why that was necessary.

Everything is running really well now, with kind of the opposite approach from what you recommended: I've disabled minify/concatenate for js within WP Rocket, and enabled Aggressive compile within Beans. So far so good.

Many thanks!


Sound good Michael, thanks for the update!

Happy coding,

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