How to make a simple Metaboxes in my post editor and display the content in the post. Thank you!

Hi Miguel, how can I put it into a html structure in the loop, i have to add in an accordion. Thanks

Hey Walter,

Sorry but I am not sure I understand you.

simple Metaboxes in my post editor

What do you mean by by? Do you perhaps mean in the admin post item (post editor is the wysiwyg which is where I am confused).

i have to add in an accordion

That sounds like you would need repeatable field groups in the admin right?


Hi Walter,

Mariusz would be able to reply to this question more appropriately than me since he put the snippet together. My guess is that you have to change the number of galleries to control the gallery added and removed. I don't see how you could remove a delete button based on the his code structure.


I solved entering 0 in the field "Type number of gallery instances and hit enter to confirm". Thanks,

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