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Hey πŸ™‚ I have some problem with dropdown in navigation menu

$item_attr['data-uk-dropdown'] = '{mode:\'hover\'}';
$item_attr['data-uk-dropdown'] = '{mode:\'click\'}';

Code above doesn't help - I tryed make this changes by jQuery too after loading document

The funniest think is that - on Firefox these modes are good, But Chrome & Opera & Edge going wrong They start working if you try hover/click next to the bottom border.

I have tried do many changes, but the point which could go wrong is smth with compilation javascript's I think.

I have even try to create mirror of website and paste js code from Here is the example of uikitplay (I'd like to make dropdown like this) Link

Here I put my dev project Link

Thank You and I waiting for some help πŸ™‚ - Greg


  • I have tryied making diffrent compression

Hey Grzegorz,

You may simply add the following line to your child theme functions.php:

beans_add_attribute( 'beans_menu_item', 'data-uk-dropdown', '{mode: \'click\'}' );

For more info, I would strongly advise to read the Markup API as well as browse through the forum which contains lots of precious informations πŸ™‚

Happy coding,

Hey Thierry, I have tried add attribute - but it doesn't help.

I'll try to make some solution using Markup API.

Thanks for the reply.

Solution, I've replace Version 1.4.0 by Version 1.3.1 and Dropdown working good now.

Hi Grzegorz,

That is very odd, I am testing on 1.4.0 and it works as expected. I would be happy to take a look at your install and investigate what is going. If you would like me to take a look, kindly send me temporary FTP and WP admin credential via our contact form (100% confidential).


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