Markup and attributes

I re-read the docs and im glad things are getting clearer. Now Im stuck - the major confusion is something like adding span between page H1 tag.

Because I only wanted to apply said change on spectific pages I went with a contitional tag calling these targeted pages in my adapted 'function' file. (cleaned up my function.php)

Now the next step is to modify the beans_post_title   to add the span before the $title Its obvious my beans_open_markup() beans_close_markup() is where the confusion begins. Otherwise Im using a complicated apporach?

Hi Dee,

You could add a is_page conditional check in your functions file, then use the Markup API to wrap the page title with a span.

Here is an example:

beans_wrap_inner_markup( 'beans_post_title', 'page_title_inner', 'span' );


beans_wrap_inner_markup( 'beans_post_title', 'page_title_inner', 'span', array( 'class' => 'your-custom-class' )  );

Hope that helps 🙂

Cheers, Chris

Thanks Chris.


I think I understand this can be used now.

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