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Still in the newbie phase but learning a lot as I go.

I'm trying to make my page fullscreen (Beans Child Theme). But, can't seem to remove the space between the white border and the edge of frame. Also would like to remove the white border on all sides.

Tried numerous CSS revisions to the above. No luck.

The Totem Child Theme is a good example of the fullscreen effect I like.

Maybe CSS is not the best way to accomplish this? Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you.

Hey there,

To make your entire website fluid, you can remove the container classes on all Beans container div, here is the code snippet:

beans_remove_attribute( 'beans_fixed_wrap', 'class', 'uk-container uk-container-center' );

Moreover, if you can not using these div's at all, you can remove the actual markup instead of only removing the container classes as such:

beans_remove_markup( 'beans_fixed_wrap' );

Have fun,

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