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On this site: http://cozy.webstantly.com/recipes/ I have replace the title by the logo, and remove the output to remove the text. But now when I click on the logo, there is no link to the home anymore.

I have also tried not removing the input and having a text-indent (as it works on genesis) and it doesn't work neither

Hi Alexandra, may I ask why not simply set the logo in the Admin->Customizer->Site Identity?

Hi, i have done that and it works now, but the tagline (tm-site-title-tag) needs to appears as part of the logo, and now it's gone. I suppose that there is a text indent somewhere, but i don't find it.

I see that tm-site-title-tag has some custom CSS which pushes it down, that is why we can't see it. I suggest you review your CSS for tm-site-title-tag.


Hey Alexandra, I like your design very much, but your header and post-title font is hard to read for me. ... just a short comment

Hi Jochen, you mean the font of the posts titles (because the font size is very big)

Yes the font in the header and from the post titles. Not because it is very big, because the font it self is hard to read. I think because of the very thin lines in the font.


This font really gives and identity to the site (the inspiration model from the client was http://www.newyorker.com/) and the client really loves it too, so i don't think we will change But thank you for your feedback ! Are you on mac or pc ?

The font from newyorker is better readable, because the lines are not that thin.

I use a PC.

...sure, I just notced that.

@Alexandra - the same here 🙁 I'm also using PC.

Here's screenshot in Chrome (Firefox renders font a bit bolder, but still hard to read): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ql72wqnj95r2esu/cozy.png?dl=0

I tried to change font-smoothing and text-rendering options in development tools, but without success. One thing that helped was changing font-weight to 600.

If it is blog, readability is crucial...

If it is blog, readability it's crucial...

It really is, that's why I mentioned it

I'm not well versed on web development, but I do know a thing about business development. Is it possible the client is putting his perspective over that of his (potential) customers?

If I may elaborate, a lot is to be site about creating and growing a business identity. Creating it doesn't even have to be easy, but the growing part should clarify that it is a dynamic process. One where by default you never have control over all variables. A key rule as such to keep in mind when creating an identity is that growth can be positive and negative. It is affected by many things, big and small - and surprisingly more often it's the small things which cause the greatest ripple effects.

A lot of that is tied to consumptive and reactive behaviour. We might not consciously notice a thing, but we will always have a reaction to it. We may not consicously debate a reaction, we will however always have one. The effects of which by default surface in the form of behavioural patterns which go from the individual to the group level of social (and other) dynamics.

SImply put: if something irks me on a webpage I may unconsciously or consciously notice it. My behaviour however is at best neutral in its effects, and is more likely to be negative in regards to growth factors to attribute to the identity / entity which goes with that webpage.

The client may love a logo. Heck, I've had experiences with clients loving just about anything. But it never really is about the client. It's about his or her customer.

On a psychological level this stinks, so to say. But welcome to the human species. Everything is just as relative as it is subject to perception and external perspectives. Just as much as we define our reality by seeing it, so does a customer in his or her decision processes. Most of which aren't conscious processes at all.

Identity is what others make of it. Since those pay for it, it is their perspective which should be prioritised.

Oh you are right, just checked on my boyfriend PC (i work on mac, and this font look great, i suppose my client is also on mac), and it's really bad.

Really sad as this font is beautifull, now i have to searh something equivalent but not with this problem.

Thank you, as i will never notice it.

I have now pass all the elements with this font to font-weight: 600 and it's now perfectly readable on pc, fortunately on mac it doesn't change a lot, so it still look nice.

Than you all for your advice !


For some very odd reason, I cannot see the option to change the logo anymore in Admin->Customizer->Site Identity Look at the printscreen in cloudup: https://cloudup.com/cPihT1cBJKM

I'm not sure, but I think the option was there before (I already changed the logo before, but now I'm not happy with it and I can't change it). But somehow it disappeared. Is it posible?

Can you tell me how to change it by using something of the like... beans_replace_atribute('beans_logo_image', 'src'

I can't really figure out the exact code. In the inspector I noticed it is src="http://www but then I'm not sure on what to do.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey Sami,

I think there might be an issue in your child theme or from a plugin causing the logo option to disappear. I would advise to process by elimination by disabling your child theme (enabling Beans Core) and all your plugins. The option should work fine at this stage, then then re-enable one by one and see which one is causing issue.



You're right. When I deactivated the plugin "child themes modifications for beans" I got the option to change the logo back. Then I activated the plugin and cleaned the functions.php. It worked.

So, I started to dig out where inside the functions.php the error was. The strange thig is: I couldn't find the error in my code. I removed all the code except for:


if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) exit; // Exit if accessed directly

// customize child theme //
add_action( 'wp', 'custom_modify_child_theme' );

// include Beans: do not remove the line below //
require_once( get_template_directory() . '/lib/init.php' );

And it still doesn't show the icon dialog box. It is strange.

It is not really important for me to solve the problem, since I can deactivate the plugin whenever I need to change a logo on the site.

But I was just thinking on future situations when someone else may encounter the same error. If you want to dig it out, I uploaded my functions.php file to cloudup: https://cloudup.com/calO5VhmzmH


Hey Sami,

require_once( get_template_directory() . '/lib/init.php' ); should always be called before any modification is made. I am not sure what your custom_modify_child_theme() function does though but I would say it might be an order issue.

It looks like you are using a plugin to do your theme modification. It is difficult for me to advise since it is not based on the official Beans starter theme.


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