Left sidebar and media queries.


I am creating a new client site: https://designkurs.com/kooperativet/

The focus is on having a left sidebar with important links. I need some advice on the left sidebar. As I am looking into keeping the left sidebar always on the left side similar to this: http://turideilertsen.no/ or another option is to do something similar but a light version of this site: https://www.cg.no/ but having the content area become bigger keeping the left sidebar the same size. I need some coding help on how to accomplish this. Right now the primary sidebar on the left side is floating somewhat free.

Bottom line: Have the primary sidebar on the left similar to the above site. Then have the content area on the right.

How would I also handle the media queries for this?

Thanks. I plan to also give the child theme to the community and create tutorials.

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