Is Beans WP Multisite Friendly?


Are there any issues / roadblocks / pitfalls when using Beans on a WP Multisite network?

My intention is to offer users a few prebuilt themes for their slice of the network, with zero user styling.

They would only be using text / comments / and prebuilt forms ( Gravity perhaps ) to populate custom post type entries.

I am interested in Beans for keeping things fast & to allow me to create a nice UI to handle their text & image input & to provide a clean base for me to work from.

Thanks for any input you may have,


Hello David,

As far as Gravity Forms is concerned, maybe you should read this thread before considering using this plugin with Beans.


Thanks, Mat, for pointing me to Kanron's thread - you have probably saved me hours banging head on keyboard with that friendly answer!

Cheers !

Hi David and welcome to Beans Community 🙂

Beans is totally MU (multisite) friendly, feel free to ask if you need help or perhaps encounter any blockers.

Happy coding,

Thanks Thierry !

I am excited to start using Beans

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