Is Beans still alive?

I like this project and would like to see it progress but the github hasn't been updated in months/years?

I really hope so!!!

Beans takes some work compared to other themes, but it never stands in the way of what you want to do. Hoping that it doesn't disappear.

Hi guys,

Thanks for raising this question. A few thoughts here!

It is important to note that Beans is an Open Source project which took -+ 1 years to write before it was made available. It then took -+ 6 months to make it bullet proof and stable after it was launched so there was lots of activities on the GitHub repository. From there, a few versions were released but no much development per se was done. The main reason is because the Community forum was opened and pretty much all my contribution time went into helping people on the forum which considerably increased the number of users.

So where to from now?

I think it is time for me to put an official post together regarding the future of Beans and the possible options to make the upcoming journey a success. There is one thing I can confidently say, the reality is that with the amount of users and threads on the forum, it is not possible for me to handle the community support + development alone and for free, even though I would love it to be possible :-) I need to give it some more thoughts and your suggestions are most welcome but the 2 solutions I have in mind is either to make an income from Beans allowing me to spend more time on it (yes I have to put food on the table :-)) and build a team or push the get the community more involved and work all together on making Beans grow further. I much prefer the second solution as I believe in Open Source, and for that to work, we need you to contribute to the project.

So this thread is a good place to start getting involved and raise your voice, take ownership on some tasks, make suggestions etc. Here is the current contribution guideline.

My current contribution is -+ 1 hour per day and about $100 a month (hosting and other services).

Thanks folks,

What are the most pressing needs right now?

I can use Beans / PHP / JavsScript but most of my code is pretty rudimentary. If you're after PR I could perhaps find you an audience in Tokyo.

Thierry, thank you so much for your work to date. Beans is an awesome framework, and has completely revolutionised my WP workflow.

I'm going to start seeing if I can contribute to the core, what are the biggest needs for improvement at the moment? I have noticed some changes to the customizer (because it has been under such active development over the last few years), that haven't been implemented within the Beans API. I could tackle those small modifications.

Also, if Beans custom fields were repeatable, then we could make progress towards a native page builder type of solution without the need for Carbon Fields or ACF.

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