Include or Require at ThemeCheck

hi Thierry,

thanks for your answer in every my questions. i try to submit my theme with your Beans to ThemeForest but i have a problem with include or require. i must use get_template_part() for cleaning check.

oh i almost forgot. this is also softreject from themeforest:

Directory path should be get_template_directory() and not dirname( FILE ).

we need your help. thanks in advance.

Hey Rico,

It is important to notice to the type of messages returned by the theme checker plugin. In this case, you can see that it is INFO which is just there to make sure that require it used intentionally.

Beans is a framework (the way you are using it in your parent theme) and the path to the files may different depending on its location. You will see that before this requires there is a locate_template() to allow overwrite but the default template files are called using require instead of get_template_part() as they are not located in the theme root. Same applies to the dirname() you mentioned.

This is completely fine and accepted on, as I mentioned the theme checker sure adds these reminders to make sure it is done intentionally which is the case in Beans.

Hope that helps,

thanks for your attention Thierry,

it was quite helpful. I love the simplicity of Beans and im enjoy it. Maybe i will try to make Beans as Plugin to my Theme. I heard myTheme is the First Theme using Beans to ThemeForest. We want to know from You what is the best way for myTheme will Accepted by ThemeForest?

note: Also it seems that not all ThemeForest reviewers have equal knowledge (understandable) or they don't care enough or whatever it may be, but some reviewers will ask much more stuff to be done while some other reviewer wouldn't ask that. It depends how lucky you are when your theme is assigned to a reviewer

Well as always I am happy to help ot the best I can, feel free to add me to the reviewing conversation and I will reply according to the review feedback.

Rio has my personal email I think, if needed.

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