Images not showing

I am using beans on xampp, but it's not showing any image (icons, featured images, post images etc...).

I have made 0 changes to current theme, any other theme that i install works perfect but on beans i can't see any image.

I am using xampp on Win7. Hope anyone can help me πŸ™‚


Hey Rey,

I will try to squeeze Window testing over the weekend, I currently don't have Window 7 legacy install in hand.


Rey your issue seems to be more related to an incorrect path since the icon are also not loading. Could you inspect the image (without your browser inspector) and take a screen shot of your image path?


I figured it out that it is a problem with Xampp. I uninstalled Xampp and installed AppServ instead, works perfect.

Not 100% sure about it, as i remember i inspected that and was the right path. But i will install again Xampp and Wamp on coming days to see where the problem stands.

Looks like a Xampp problem as it works on AppServ.

@Ilkay Ivrendi, i will test it on coming days.

Happy coding!

Thanks for sharing Rey! Xampp is a funny beast when it comes to path but your answer truly helps for us to do more testing πŸ˜‰

Happy coding,

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