Image Compression Plugins

Hey community!

I've been thinking about adding a plugin that deals with image compression since the blog I'm working on is heavy on the image side.

Do you have any recommendations or any experience you want to share?

Hey George,

First of all, sometimes it is use full to know that you can resize your images automatically depending on your needs using Beans Image API. So for example if on the blog index view you are using a grid, the default 800px width would be unecessary so you can have images automatically resize only for that specific view. If you are interested in that and need an example, please let me know and I will post the snippet accordingly.

Regarding image compression, I personally use CloudFlare Image Poslish feature which is great. This only comes with the paid plan though so it might not be suitable to everybody. I highly recommend CloudFlare for its other features too.

Hope that helps,

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