Identifying child themes built with Beans framework

A lot of people use tools like or for identifying the WordPress theme running on a site. This allows them to use the same theme on their own site if they like them by visiting the Theme URI extracted by these tools from the style.css file.

Currently these tools are unable to identify themes on sites having child themes built with Beans framework. This is mostly because beans generates CSS on a custom path and the stylesheet header comments related to theme are not present in the generated CSS.

It might be useful to add the stylesheet header into the compiled and minified CSS. I am not sure that it would be enough for these tools to work, as the CSS would still be generated on a non-standard path.

The other way would be to have the empty style.css with the stylesheet header linked into the site. But this would mean an extra request to be sent from the server to every user and doing this just for the sake of these tools would be an overkill.

I would like to know if we have any other elegant way for Beans child theme to be identifiable with these kind of theme detector tools without loosing on the optimizations.

Of-course, one can simply  add a credit to the footer of site with a link to the theme homepage but not everyone wants to keep that.

This might be a low priority thing to consider but it can be an important aspect for third party theme developers.


Hey Kanishk, thanks for your suggestion.

I added it to the roadmap (low priority) and will post an update on this discussion as soon as I have more info about it 🙂

Hi Kanishk,

Just want to update you on that. I wrote to immediately after my last comment to find out more about how they sniff information but no reply from them.

I have noticed though that if I try to access the style.css on on graphicflip that the Beans header informations are removed. That would not be done on Beans side so I suspect that you have the Cloudflare minify CSS option enabled. I suggest you try to disable it and let Beans minify your CSS (won't minify style.css since it is only use to declare the theme) it and try to run the detector again.

Let me know,

I have turned off Cloudflare minify CSS option now. wpthemedetector was still not able to identify the theme after that. Will check again after some time in case the cache was not yet refreshed.

Apologies for jumping on this, but I noticed something strange. I've also been having issues with getting my child theme to identify itself to strangers 😛 But it's gotten a little weird.

I used the Chrome extension WPSniffer while browsing this forum, and it did show tm-beans correctly.

But when I clicked on tm-beans it did not end up at Instead ti threw me toward some themeforest template from 2014?

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