I need help in creating a community demo theme.

Hi everyone

We started some place when we first began to learn about the Beans Framework. What I find missing is a demo theme with lots of inline comments in the code functions and the CSS styling.

I am thinking that we together can create a demo theme. I made a Repository at Github for this: https://github.com/paaljoachim/beans-child-demo-theme

A list of things I would like to add are:

  • Styling menus.
  • Remove page titles.
  • Adding Widget locations: Hero, after post, after page etc.
  • Adding another menu.
  • A good looking search box. Perhaps similar to http://demo.themebutler.com/banks/ or another variation of it.
  • Various grid types. One active others can be commented out. Turning various on to see how it looks. Grid for front page AND for a blog page. Simplify the code.
  • Featured image seen on blog page but not in the post page.
  • Using UiKit for a specific element and showing the option to change the UiKit for a custom CSS.
  • What else?

I'll add on to the list when I think of more to add.

It would be great if you could post below here some thoughts on this. Perhaps add code here (or link to discussions here on the forum) and I can add it to the demo or add code directly to the repo at github.

As I mentioned in the readme on Github. My speciality is not coding but creating hands on step by step tutorials for my web site: http://easywebdesigntutorials.com/

The main focus: Keeping things simple. Adding inline comments. Best possible Beans coding practice. This is meant as a demo theme for people to learn from.

Btw I have purchased the domain http://wpbeansframework.com/ and have posted two tutorials on it. As I figure out more ways to do Beans coding I will also improve the site.

Hello @paaljoachim,

Wouldn't it be easier to use this very forum to post tuts and snippets ? There is a section for it.

Plus, personnallly, I found it quite strange to create a domain like wpbeansframework. I'm personnally note sure that it helps the community to grow. Not to mention some "trademarks" questions... πŸ™‚

Of course, it is only my opinion. πŸ™‚


Hey Mat

I have posted a couple of tutorials in the support section of the forum. I had plans on adding a lot more tutorials directly to my web site easywebdesigntutorials.com but there are so many that I want to add that I wanted another place to add them.

I mentioned it for Thierry perhaps 4-5 months ago that I was thinking of purchasing wpbeansframework.com and asked if he wanted to purchase that domain. He said that he did not have any plans on doing so (as it would be a great name for him to have for Beans I thought). He was open for me to purchase it.

Bascially instead of purchasing wpbeansframeworktutorials.com I thought that wpbeansframework.com was a stronger name. I would not mind giving it to Thierry if he decides that he want to use it anyway. I am open for sharing the site with others as I see it as a community project in helping in this round to share tutorials. In the next round perhaps Thierry and others can find additional uses for it. I have been in contact with Thierry for atleast over a year so he kinda knows me.

The bottom line is that I want to be one of the helpers that also spreads information about the Beans Framework. I also want to get to know how it works and begin using it for sites that I make for myself and clients. I read about the Beans framework perhaps a year or so ago and had a strong gut feeling that said to me "this is a very good framework to use".

I think that kinda covered my thoughts....

Have a great weekend Mat!

Paal Joachim

Hello Paal,

I understand your intention, and of course I think it's a very good thing to help the growing Beans community with tutorials and useful stuffs ! But, to me, a site name like http://wpbeansframework.com/ is ambiguous, I personnally would have choosen a name like 'beanstutorials' or 'createwithbeans', etc.

Once again, it's only my view. I wish you the best in your initiative !


Hey Mat

wpbeansframework is a very strong name. I like to aim as high as I can and see where it leads me..:)

Thank you!

Paal Joachim

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