How to send updates?

Well This Question is not related to beans, But I thought it's okay to ask this question here. My question is, how do i send theme updates..??

And if i change the folder name from tm-beans to tm-xyz will it crash the website when i update the parent theme..??

Beans might very well benefit from a github updater, might be the simplest approach. Good question, I hadn't thought of updating & dependancies.

Hi Anupam,

You should never make any change to the parent theme, in other words in Beans Core. If you change the tm-beans directory name, you won't have access to the update any longer like any other WordPress themes and plugins.

If you are building your own commercial theme using Beans Framework (lib folder), you will have to build your own theme updater. In this case, Beans can't handle your updates as files needs to be hosted on your side as well as the mechanism for it.

Hope that make sense,

Hey Thierry,

Thanks i got that. Thanks for the info, and could you please explain how do i build the theme updater..?? actually i've never done that before so how do I do it.? a little hint will be appreciated. 🙂

Hey Anupam,

Adding updates for your theme requires to hook into WordPress Upgrade API and setup a "mini REST API" on your server which will feed users with the latest theme version of your theme and the download link.

I unfortunately can't afford to write these code for you as it takes quite a bit of time depends on your setup. I would advise you to Google it as there are plenty of tutorials. Alternativeny, there are a few companies offering this service (paid), which you may Google too.

Good luck with it,

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