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Is there a any way to hide the "Post options" box for the layout in the WP Dashboard? Our client keeps changing it and we only want them to have 1 layout active based on the design.

Ref : http://cl.ly/0q2S3B3G2B2R

Thanks in advance, sorry if this was answered before, I couldn't see it.

Hi Raul! Just add this in the functions

beans_remove_action(  'beans_do_register_post_meta' ); // will remove the options from pages
beans_remove_action(  'beans_do_register_term_meta' ); // will remove the options from posts

I have found that in the parent theme in lib/admin/options.php if you want to have a look

you can also use the classic wp functions

remove_action(  'admin_init','beans_do_register_post_meta' );
remove_action(  'admin_init','beans_do_register_term_meta' );

Then if you need to have different layout on certain page templates you can look here : http://www.getbeans.io/code-snippets/force-a-layout/

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