Hello. Nice to meet you.

My name is Cy Jung. You can call me Cy. I am afraid English. But I found this site especially this forum what is looks like so I try to join^^

I am writer(was photographer) and I am not technician. This mean, I don't know any coding^^ But I still have & manage my own website for my dream.

  • My website: 43gear.com

My dream is make good community website not like sns^^ My website have forum(home for community), blog(portfolio for writer, designer)... Which is Buddypress website...

I am very happy with my website especially very clean look theme(I always like clean). However, even if I love my website, maybe one day I will going to UltimateMember from Buddypress why my feel Buddypress is so heavy^^ Also, I always looking for more safe & lighter forum tool. That's how I found "Beans" maybe^^

By the way, thank you for read this. If my English give you some headache, for give me^^

Have a really great day.


Hi Cy.

Welcome to the Beans community!

There are a mix of forum posts here you can go through as well as various documentation. I have a site dedicated to teaching Beans (I am learning a lot along the way myself.)


Hello, dear,,

I must viist^^ Thank you for information^^

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