google maps problem

Hi, I have a problem with maps using Geo My Wordpress plugin. Beans seems to prevent the Google Maps API key to be accepted. I get the error "Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys", but the key is where is should be. I don't have the problem with a basic wordpress theme (tested with twentysixteen). Any idea what could prevent the map from working ?

Hello Lore M,

I don't really know how the Goe My Wordpress works, but probably it isn't a theme problem. Maybe you should test other mapping plugins for Wordpress which you can find e.g on If everything will work with the other plugins you should also check if you are generating your API key in a good way, you can compare your methods with the methods from our tutorial and then if everything works correctly you probably should contact the support of the plugin.

Cheers, Amy from Nearplcae

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