Get even more extra speed

Hi Thierry,

First let me say, that I'm loving beans !!!

I've two questions/advise to increase speed even better.

  1. fontawesome - icons

I only use just a few icons - so insteed loading the 76kb file - I created a cusom fontawesome files witch is only 6kb - and replaced all /fontawesome-webfont files with those in the beans main : /wp-content/themes/tm-beans/lib/api/uikit/src/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff2

and it works perfectly.... Now I know (it's only a temporarly solution) and that's not the best way to do it.

How do I remove loading fontawesome from the main (above) ?

And load it from my folder:


  1. Loading the main compiled CSS - which is 95kb. (I'm sure that I only use maybe 1/10 of that......)

Can beans detect what I use in my chiled theme.......... and load only CSS I actually use.......... - maybe write a custom less.css

So to only load my less.css - which would only include (as detected - and created my less.css by beans ) (my less.css location): /assets/less/style.less

  1. Off-canvas (mobile menu) without jquery. How can I make the off-canvas menu work - without jQuery? I tried, but - if I disable jQuery - off-convas doesn't work (does not open menu)

However Uikit states: *by default, there is no JavaScript attached to the toggle. As an example, you can add an off-canvas navigation from the Off-canvas component.

I can't figure it to make it work without jQuery. - Could you advise?

With these I could save some extra / additional ms on loading time, and html request

Thank you very much for your help and advise - and maybe if you could giving a code to use. Fred

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