Featured image inside text

You can set float-left for featured image. exp:

.post-content {
    overflow: hidden;
.featured-image {
   float: left;

Thankyou Trung, I try this but dont work.

I like to do that on blog page, where is all blogs with futured image and text in the bottom of image. There in one blog post are twoo DIV, in the first is image (tm-article-image) and in the second is text (tm-article-content). I dont know how to do that , but I think text and image must be in the same DIV.

You just need add CSS float: left for (tm-article-image), but image width must be shorter than wrap content width.

Hi Boris, do you want to the image to float on the left only on the index views?

No, i want to make, that the image is alike 30% big of all blog post in the left up corner and the text is on right side and on bottom side of image (text is all aorund image). This is like in the newspaper, image and around text. The text start on the right side of image and then goes down aside image and then ahead of bootom image like few lines down.

Something like that?

// Align post image and post body.
beans_add_attribute( 'beans_post_image', 'class', 'uk-float-left uk-margin-top-remove uk-margin-right uk-margin-bottom' );
beans_add_attribute( 'beans_post_body', 'class', 'uk-overflow-hidden' );

// Resize post image.
add_filter( 'beans_edit_post_image_args', 'example_edit_post_image_args' );

function example_edit_post_image_args( $args ) {
  $args['resize'] = array( 200 );

 return $args;

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