ETA on release V2 – with UiKit 3


Any ETA on release Beans v2 ? I'm waiting, because I really want to use UiKit 3 !

  • as the current Beans v1.5.1 use Uikit2 -


Hi Frederick,

we don't have an ETA for version 2.


Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your reply, - .ok then, do you any "automated migration" tool/script - from Uikit 2 -to- Uikit 3? Or if I want to use Uikit 3 - it's all only manual migration only - with a help of "Uikit migration" - (what's available at Uikit website) - which still have to be quite a manual work?

Thanks, Frederick

Beans is unfortunately deeply interwoven with/dependant on UIkit 2. The compiler will not work with UIkit 3 out-of-the-box, the HTML markup has to be adjusted and is not really backward compatible with UIkit 2.

Or put a bit more drastically, we have to completely take apart Beans and reassemble it in a way that gives us the flexibility to use UIkit3 and stay backwards compatible with UIkit 2.

Tonya and Thierry started planning this phase but both are very busy working on improving WordPress (AMP, PWA, etc...).

If you are looking for a plain JavaScript Mobile menu, I'd take a look at what WPRig is doing.

Hi Christoph,

Thanks again for your reply.

I get it........ anotherwords ...... "a pain in a butt" , and it will be a long long while....

Which actually what I'm been thinking is AMP for the "mobile part".

I'm also looking into -which looks promissing-, is: super-progressive-web-apps

I just need to decide on which direction to go... (since they're not exactly the same).

Thanks again, Frederick

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