Error "Cannot redeclare class lessc_parser" after install

Hi support,

I hope you can help me the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class lessc_parser in /home/myuseracc/tst/wp-content/themes/tm-beans/lib/api/compiler/vendors/lessc.php on line 2192

Today i made a copy of my production site because i like to test the Beans (and child) theme with real data. It all went well. But after installing the the theme (beans-1.4.0) i got this error.

Before this i installed the Beans theme on an complete other website (on the same host) and anything was working great.

Do you have any ideas?

Grtz, Martijn

Hi support,

I think i have found the solution. It looks like that one of my plugins (All in one event calendar) have a conflict with the theme. Lucky for me i'am switching to another calendar plugin 😉

Grtz, Martijn

Hi all,

I'm having this problem too, with the lessc_parser class, on a client's site, except in this case I can't just replace the plug-in. For the moment I put the site back on the old version of Beans, but of course we want to be able to update the parent theme. I'm not using LESS in the child theme, just CSS, so I wonder if there is some way to ask the child theme to skip some chunk of the compiler and do something else instead? Or is this the wrong way of thinking about this? I'm a designer, not a developer (which is why Beans has been so great for me) so I am probably missing something basic!

Thank you!

Hello Abigail, Hello Martijn,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Looks like we will have this fixed in the next release.

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