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How do I edit the code (in this case a url for n image source) which Inspector shows as being in found in "index.html" in wp-content? The WP editor is too basic, but I can't even find it anywhere in file manager. I want to add a element. I'm not very experienced with WP but I know how to do it in html. Please help 🙁

I may have found a solution, a plugin called Code Embed that allows one to embed html or js into a custom field on a page. I'll see if that allows me to do what I want, but I still have no idea where the code snippets are actually ending up.

Hi Saud,

I am not exactly sure what you mean by index.html. Are you familiar with the WordPress rendering and templating system. If not, I would advise to start by checking a few tutorials about it which will be greatly beneficial.

Happy to answer any specific question you may have regarding Beans,

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