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I am a newbee to Beans. When i installed Beans Child Theme, i just saw the posts was being display on index page. Please tell me the way to display posts and pages like normal WordPress. Thanks you verry much!

someone help please!

Found it, yeah! Use hook pre_get_posts and change the the args of main query.

Hi Trung,

Sorry for the late reply, it seems like this post lacked on love a little bit. In most themes and WP default themes (twentyseventeen for example), only posts are displayed on the blog index. If you want to have posts, pages and even maybe pulling other CPT, you need to modify the query and pre_get_posts is totally the right way to do so 🙂

Happy coding,

Hi Thierry, I found it in a your reply in the topic that i can't remember. I really excited with Beans. Thank your team verry much !

Fantastic, I am glad to hear you are enjoying it!

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