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I seem to have missed the part where I could find the default media queries. for example - I want the panelbox used for the posts to appear full width on mobile what's the best practice?

How can I adjust the headings to appear smaller than its displayed on mobile? Do I target the query for mobile and reduce the size ?

Yes absolutely, you would add your CSS in a @media for the bracket your would like it to be applied.

Here are the UIkit breakpoints used. If your are using LESS, then you may use the UIkit breakpoints variable.

Have fun,

Where can I look in the files for the current queries to make changes to override the current style or there is none applied to the beans child theme template?

Hi Dee,

I am note sure I understand what you mean. Do you want to check what is the current screen query? If yes, this can be done in your browser inspector (I personally use Chrome inspector rulers).


I figured it out- I had used the 3rd party child theme files to learn how to work with beans - I understand most things now.

Hey Dee S

Please share your findings so we can all learn from it.

Thank you.

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