Dashboard message: Your theme needs to be fixed for plugins

Greetings! Thank you for this beautiful theme--we love its clean, user-friendly design.

I'm not a pro; in the past, I developed some rudimentary knowledge of FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and html, learning just enough to design the website for our small music business. I'm new to WordPress and enjoying it immensely.

I'm getting this message at the top of my dashboard: "Your theme needs to be fixed for plugins to work. To fix your theme, use the Theme Editor to insert just before the line of your theme's header.php file."

When I go to that file in Theme Editor, I read: "* This file's content is located in /lib/templates/structure/header.php and should

  • only be overwritten via your child theme."

    I have a child theme set up. Is there a quick fix for the error message above?

    Or should I just ignore the message completely (as the website previews seem to show everything working just fine)?

    Please forgive my ignorance, and thanks for your patience.

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