Customize color of italics

My apologies if this is obvious somewhere in the docs or forums. (I have searched, both googling [getbeans italics] and many of the sundry .less files.)

I created a custom theme for a client. It turns out that making words italic turns them red. I need to change the color of italics, but have not succeeded in finding the variable(s) that control color of italics in the various .less files.

Please advise, Thanks! Wyn

You should be able to see which line of CSS-style sets the color to red. Usually I just do a folderwide search for the element that gets that style. Typically one element that stands out. Then I go over the properties that are defined after the curly brackets. If the layout looks similar to the inspector, usally there is a match.

Hello @snowyn,

Il you .less file add :

@base-em-color:                                 #D05;

Change the color to like you want to. 🙂


Hi Mat -- this will fix it, yes! of course, I was searching the less files for italics! Not em. Brilliant, thank you so much.

And Didou, thank you as well, though I wasn't clear about how to implement your suggestion, it was a bit vague.


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