CSS element for pages and posts.

I want to set the background color for all pages. (The site I'm currently working on doesn't have any posts, but knowing that information would be handy for other sites.)

Essentially, I'm using a background image, and I've set that through the UI. After much time spent on various searches, I found out that I can use .tm-main to style the portion of the site between the header and footer.

However, I don't know what element to use that specifies the pages (or other content types) that exist within the .tm-main "frame". For example, I can use:

.tm-main {background-color: black}

This sets the middle part of the screen to a black background, but the text area where the page content is displayed still has a white background. What do I need to specify, in CSS, to change it to black as well?

On a related topic, I note what seems to be a single-pixel white line that separates both the header area and the footer area from .tm-main. How can this be styled? (Ideally, I'd just like a listing, or chart, of the CSS targets for the various screen elements.)

...and I just realised that I should have posted this to Support, not General. -sigh-

Ah! After some further fumbling, I discovered that the page element is addressed simply by .page, rather than .tm-page or something similar. Also, the single-white line is part of either .tm-header or .tm-footer, and can be removed by setting the border to 0. πŸ™‚

Hey Jason,

I have glad to hear you find a solution. This really comes down to plain CSS, inspect pages in your browser, grab the element classes you would like to target and style them in your child theme CSS file. I can't really go deeper into teaching CSS as it is a bit out of the Beans Scope but you will find zillions of great tutorials which will teach you some magic πŸ™‚

Have fun,

PS: I moved your request to support.

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