Console Errors

Hello there!

I'd like to know the impact of these errors I have seen in my website (www) via GC's inspect element:

  1. When Totem Child Theme is deactivated -

  2. When Totem is activated -

  3. When Child-Theme Modifications for Beans activated -

What could these errors be and does it has something to do with using Beans? I have tried to deactivate SiteOrigin and other plugins but I still get the same errors. I just want to know if the child theme is causing these.

*By the way, I checked my local version of my site with Beans, Totem and Child Theme Modifications setup but so far no similar errors found.

Will be grateful to receive a response re this matter. Thank you.

Hey Tyronne,

It is hard to say without know the site url and the external url causing the issue. If you prefer to keep it private which I completely understand, I would suggest to just post the url via the contact form (it will remain confidential) so that I can personally take a look at it.


Hi Thierry,

I have posted the URL via contact form.

Thank you.

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