Clean " page " post type for Elementor

Hello, I am working on a project using Beans theme. However I am using Elementor to build all my pages. So I would like to clean my page template to best accomodate the plugin like this :

I want to remove the breadcrumb, page title, sidebar and stretch the content. To do that, I already know the snippets :

1/ remove breadcrumb : add_filter( 'beans_pre_load_fragment_breadcrumb', '__return_true' );

2/ remove page title : beans_remove_action( 'beans_post_title' );

3/ remove sidebar : add_filter( 'beans_layout', 'example_force_layout' ); function example_force_layout() { return 'c'; }

4/ stretch the content : beans_remove_attribute( 'beans_fixed_wrap[_main]', 'class', 'uk-container uk-container-center' );

So, here is my question : How can I combine all these functions into one clean function that applies only on ' page ' post type ?


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