Child-Theme Modifications plugin


I just started using Beans and it is so far a great tool.

I'm planning on using Totem to build a commercial site, so I'll be needing the Modifications plugin to make customisations. But the instructions pretty clearly state that it is not meant for production, and it's been a while since its last update.

Is the plugin safe to use? Or is there perhaps a better way for me to make customisations?

Hey Kevin,

The modification plugin is not an official Beans plugin and so I can really speak about its stability, Chris at ThemeButler is the guy to answer that.

I personally believe that you don't need to use a modification plugin. Since child themes don't have updates, you can do all you modifications straight in the Totem child theme and they won't ever be overwritten. I see child theme as a starting point that you can start from, like if someone already did some of the work for you to take over and add/modify it according to your project.

Have fun,

Thanks for input! Yeah, I don't really see the benefit in using a plugin for modifications. I thought maybe there was something very specific to the theme which warrented it.

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