White-label Beans Framework

Since Beans Framework is Open Source, what is the best way to white-label it entirely?

Two important to-change points:

  • In order to remove the tm- that appears in CSS classnames, is there a better way than writing the beans_replace_attribute() function for every CSS class (tm-site,tm-header, etc. )?

  • What's the best way to change the compiler path to the CSS file? ../uploads/beans/compiler/uikit/XXXX.css

Thank you!

Hi Jeff,

Great question and suggestion. We try to make Beans as white labeled as possible as we understand that it is used from small to big entreprise solutions. At this stage, there isn't a way to globally change tm- prefix other than using beans_replace_attribute(). There isn't a way to change the assets url either at this stage (no very common, it is a bit like intending to change all wp-content prefixes etc.).

That said I love the idea of make it it possible for Beans to be 100% white labelled to the smallest detail and I added your suggesttions to the feature requests list.

Thanks for your feedback,

Fantastic! Happy to help! 🙂 Thank you!

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