Change the structure of the elements in the post view

Hi .. I am new in this fabulous framework theme .. and I want to start with the basics: for example, I want change the position of the elements in to the post structure.. how modified the html code for this.? how modified each elements separately ..for example the content on the article with id=1

uk-article uk-panel-box post-1 post type-post status-publish format-standard hentry category-uncategorized

thanks in advace! best regards..

Hey Ricardo and welcome to the forum,

Beans is indeed built to make such modifications very easy. To modify markup and attributes, you will use the Beans HTML API and to move things around, you will use the Beans Actions API. I suggest to start by reading the articles I just linked to to start with.

Then I would suggest to post precisely what small change you want to make on your post so that we can help you with the code snippet and get you going 🙂


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