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Beans is growing on me, but I feel like we have to ask a lot of questions in the forum because the documentation doesn't have a lot of practical examples.

How would I remove the separator between the categories and tags? By default it is a comma. I can't find a way to target this specific part.

Also, how could I wrap each category in a different div? So that it would be something like this: Categories:


Hi Olaf,

Beans uses WordPress Core functions where possible, for instance it uses get_the_category_list() and get_the_tag_list() to display the post categories and tags. Below is a snippet using the WP Core filters to replace the comma separators with spaces:

add_filter( 'the_category', 'example_categories_output', 10, 2 );
 * Modify the list of categories.
 * @param array  $thelist   List of categories for the current post.
 * @param string $separator Separator used between the categories.
 * @return string The list of categories.
function example_categories_output( $thelist, $separator ) {

 return str_replace( $separator, ' ', $thelist );


add_filter( 'the_tags', 'example_tags_output', 10, 3 );
 * Modify the list of tags.
 * @param string $tag_list List of tags.
 * @param string $before   String to use before tags.
 * @param string $sep      String to use between the tags.
 * @return string The list of tags.
function example_tags_output( $tag_list, $before, $sep ) {

 return str_replace( $sep, ' ', $tag_list );


Happy coding,

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