Breakpoint for tablet mobile media

I want to change the padding for the "medium size" tablet breakpoint. How do I find what all the breakpoints are so I can add appropriate changes to my style.less file? And/or: are there some global variables I could change instead? I looked through the parent less files and found this: @media (max-width: @breakpoint-small) { { padding: 20px 15px; } } which is what I want the uk-panel-box to do throughout, but I didn't find the medium breakpoint variable. PS, it would be terrific if there was one place on the getbeans site that listed all these variables. Then we wouldn't need to search through all those less files.

Thanks for your help!!

Found it!

I searched for "breakpoint-medium" in the tm-beans/lib directory. Got a bunch of hits, but way at the bottom (in variables.less) found the definitions.


Hi Wyn,

Remember that this is all UIkit related, Beans only comes into play as it allows you to modify all UIkit LESS variables in your child theme (official Beans starter child theme) style.less and process it for you which makes it super easy to customize UIkit according to your projects.

Happy coding,

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