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Hi, is it possible to change the links of the breadcrumb? For example swap out the archive link for a specific category link?

Hi Keith,

Can you post the HTML code:

  • How it is now
  • How you want it to be

Hi thanks for the reply. I managed to get around this but it's not an ideal solution. I am using a CPT but when you go to the category of the CPT the breadcrumb shows two links, one for the greyed out current link which I presume is the category and then a link to the archive page. I would have prefered not to use the archive pages as a link but to link to the CPT category page instead.

My CPT is "Therapists" so when on my Therapists category page my breadcrumb is displayed as Home / Therapists / Therapists

For now I've ended up just styling the archive template to be the same as the category template and then just used the following CSS code to get rid of the second link. it works fine for now but I'd be interested to know if there is a better way of solving this.

.category-therapists .uk-breadcrumb > li:nth-of-type(2n)    
                                { display:none; }

The double Therapy name in the breadcrumb is down to my CPT name and category name being the same if I change my category to be somehting like "therapy list" this would of course solve the double naming problem but the breadcrumb parent link still goes to an archive page instead of the category page.

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