Beware Using Dynamic Grid Filters Options

Hey, if you plan to use Dynamic Grid Filters, beware there're two issue online in the doc, you can find it there: In 'Sorting' replace:

<li class="uk-active" data-uk-sort="my-category"><a href="#">Ascending</a></li>


<li class="uk-active" data-uk-sort="my-category:asc"><a href="#">Ascending</a></li

and in 'Multiple categories' change this:

<li class="uk-active" data-uk-sort="my-category"><a href="#">Character (Asc)</a></li>
<li data-uk-sort="my-category2"><a href="#">Number (Asc)</a></li>

by this:

<li class="uk-active" data-uk-sort="my-category:asc"><a href="#">Character (Asc)</a></li>
<li data-uk-sort="my-category2:asc"><a href="#">Number (Asc)</a></li>

otherelse it won't mark button on ascending choice.

Thanks for sharing Oliver, feel free to notify UIkit about these issues too so that they can fix it 😉

Happy coding,

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