Beans/UIKit for Pinegrow

Hi Nick,

I just tried and it doesn't look look like Pinegrow works well with PHP files, at least according to the notice they display. That also seems to apply to simple WP core themes.

If I must give my honnest opinion, I don't really believe into these "Do it all in a click" piece of softwares which essentially promise to do the impossible by ticking a few options. I think it is just trying to cut corners which eventually leads to bloat. It might look shinny on videos or when starting to use it, but it very quickly turn into a disaster when scaling to more complete project, not even mentionning that they are very often buggy and still lack on flexibility. But that is just my opinion and respect other's 🙂

Considering how HTML is rendered by WP themes (even more so in Beans), I really don't see how Pinegrow could be a stable solution unfortunately.


No worries, Thierry.

Cheers, nick

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