Beans + Woocommerce + WooCommerce Overrides for Beans

Hi Beans Community,

I'm a fairly new convert to beans and it's a love at first byte story. I like beans for its speed and simplicity. However there is a problem I'm a marketer not a developer and although I know a bit of code (HTML, CSS, JS) I'm still a beginner.

As a new beanhead, I set up this test site and wanting to use woocommerce I installed the WooCommerce Overrides for Beans and of course Woocommerce. I also installed Child-Theme Modifications for Beans because.

After that comes the products which I imported from another site and upon checking this category page I see "class="product-category product"" appear as plain text.

Can anybody help me with this?

I really feel the need to make a decent enough ecommerce site from Beans + Woocommerce.

Thanks, Windee

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