Beans update and other questions

Hi eveyone!

How are you doing now? It passed a couple of moths already since I was here for the last time. I noticed that there was an update. I created two websites with the previous version. Probably I should make the update to the latest version, but is there a changelog of some kind I could take a look to?

Another thing... What are your favorite plugin or method for translating your sites?

And a final question... Are there any news or any updates on including beans on wordpress marketplace? I'd be very glad to finnally see beans featured on Wordpress. It deserves it.

Keep up with the good work. Cheers, Sami

Hi Sami,

Here is the Beans changelog you may refer to.

Regarding the translation plugins, I don't have a preference and don't want to recommend any but the 2 plugins which stands out from clients feedbacks are Polylang and MultilingualPress.

I haven't posted an update on Beans being added to directory but it is on my Todo list for sure.

Keep well,

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