Beans Theme Update broke my site

I just updated the Beans theme and now my site comes up with http error code 500. If I activate either the default TwentyFifteen or TwentySixteen themes, the site displays just fine. But activating either my custom child theme or the default Beans theme, I get error 500. (Yikes.) Please advise what to do. Thanks.

That sounds weird and seems very specific to your install since the last release was in october and nobody reported this issue.

Could you send us temporary ftp and wp-admin credentials via the contact form (100% confidential) and we will gladly take a look?


Wow, october, hmmm. Before you spend your valuable time poking around, I will try deleting the beans theme and then re-acquiring it. Stay tuned . . .

Um, apparently my subsequent post disappeared. I said that I deleted the Beans theme, then downloaded the current Beans theme off the getbeans website, then unzipped that file, uploaded that folder to the site, and activated the Beans theme. And still have Error 500. I did send the access info via the contact form. So ... Thierry? Did you find anything?

Hey Wyn, I will take a look at your install as soon as possible, most probably early next week!

Hi Thierry, My apologies on sounding impatient. Actually, I am confused. I got a message apparently from you asking me to remove your user account from the wp-admin on this site -- so I did. (I also got a notification of password change on that account.) As a result of this message, I had the impression that you did not need that wp-admin account any more -- and guessed that you had already looked at the wp-admin side of that site. So, I shall await your next communication. And shall also try to assume nothing πŸ™‚ .

Hi Wyn,

Sorry about the misunderstanding, I did recieve your credentials but didn't make the relation with this post πŸ™ I sent you a private message to get that sorted asap.


Hi Thierry, I will send the new credentials via the contact form. Thanks!

One more thing. I did some poking around in the Wordpress UI. Turns out that when the Beans theme is activated, there is a problem accessing the Settings page for Beans. It does not load accurately. Dunno if this helps you figure out what is wrong or not.

Thanks, Wyn

Hi Wyn,

I looked into your install and could identify the issue. The problem is related the Beans version 1.4.0 only on installs running legacy PHP version, in your case 5.2.7

I pushed a fix for it here and already applied the patch on your install, so your install is fixed and it will remains so next you update Beans πŸ˜‰

That said, I would strongly advise to run the latest PHP version on all your install, preferably PHP 7 which is waaaaaaay faster.


Dang! Yeah, should definitely update that PHP version. I wonder why it isn't being automatically updated ?!? I will call the hosting company and see what's what on that score.

Thanks again! Wyn

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