Beans not working in subfolders

Hello, today I have installed WAMP, to develop on my local PC.

Beans and my child themes weren't working very well. Many errors in the Chrome dev console and a bad design.

After that, I tried a subfolder installation on my remote server. The same problems.

Subfolder example:

So I think Beans have a problem in subfolders.


Hey Jochen,

I successfully installed Beans in a subfolder many times, locally and on servers. Did you make sure to set the WordPress Address and Site Address settings correctly?

If you can't get it to work, please setup a temporary account and send credentials using the contact form (your info will be kept 100% confidential)


Strange. I tried with XAMPP and Both comes with a preconfigured wordpress in the subfolders.

btw. I use now for my local WAMP setup. That works pretty good and comes with a handy clone feature.

Ok, as I said feel free to send me credentials for your server dev enviroment and I will gladly take a look if you can't get it working πŸ™‚

Hey guys,

I mostly use portable XAMPP, installed on a flash drive. I installed Beans in a subfolder, on both local WAMP and XAMPP, and haven't had any problems.. I don't see any errors in the Chrome's console.

But, from memory - I think that I tried the 'Bitnami' Wordpress 'stack' , or whatever the proper term is, and that didn't work. The idea was to 'simplify' the WP installation, using Bitnami stack. A whole bunch of things went awry.

Then I did it the 'manual' way - setting up a D/B in PhpMyAdmin, and filling in the info in wp-config.php . I was able to put the WP install in a sub-folder, without any problem, as long as I was using the right address to get to it : localhost/subfolder/site-name.

Jochen, I think your problem is the 'Bitnami' stack. Just do it the 'old fashioned way'.

I am very happy now with It provides a local .dev ( domain for each website. Very handy, without subfolders. The cloning feature is also nice.

That's Desktop Server, right ? I've heard about it, but haven't used it - yet. Can it be installed on a portable drive ?

For now, I'll stick with my portable XAMPP. It's not quite as fast as the local WAMP I have on several computers, but it's really handy, since I have to switch computers during my work day.

The cloning feature of the Desktop Server IS of interest, though. I'll keep it in mind. Good to know that you're happy with it and that Beans is working ok.

You got me worried there, for a minute πŸ™‚ .

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