Beans and HTTP/2

Hi Guys,

Will Beans be optimised for http/2, and do you have a timeline for this to happen?

The question is raised because it seems that Beans is currently aimed at solving http/1 issues. For example, using concatenation: "Speed - Beans is faster overall. There are a couple of reasons why. The first reason is that all assets are combined into one file..."

I'm looking to convert all site-content to http/2-https, without using a plugin or redirects (not sure if this is possible on Wordpress right now). I hope to shut down port 80 and optimise caching for http/2-https only.

Cheers, Nick

I went to edit the above post and could not find any edit link. Is the forum configured to remove the ability for authors to edit their posts after a set time?

Yep, edit icon definitely not showing in Chrome right now, and I am logged in. Cheers.

This new post has an edit icon and so I guess removing the ability for authors to edit posts is by design or configuration. Would be good to have the ability to correct language and improve communication if that becomes obvious some time after posting. Might encourage better English and a higher quality of information in the forum.

Just noticed that there is no way to link directly to another post (only a thread) and have to say that while these new simple (uh, "focused"?) forum apps have a nice and clean look they may sacrifice in some key functional areas that diminish the usability and overall experience.

But, very happy to discover Beans and see its community and open source focus. Very glad I didn't have to go down the Thesis or Genesis path in the mirky Affiliate blogger world.

Hey Nick,

Let's start with your initial request, I have setup an install using strict http/2 - https and it is running smoothly. Here is an article which explains how to use SSL once you have setup http/2.

Thanks for your feedback regarding the forum. It has only been up for a week and we are going to keep on make it better and better πŸ™‚ I have removed the edit protection so you should be able to edit your posts now. An "Edit x time ago by x author" flag will automatically be added to inform other users.

Regarding direct linking, are you refering to linking to a reply? In my opinion, it is good to see a reply in the topic context so I have added and link icon which scrolls directly to a reply.

Hi Thierry,

Thanks for removing the edit protection. I figured that you might still be building the forum. What is the name of the forum software?

It's amazing to be posting on a forum so young. I've just joined up with (a ruby based full-stack developer school) and they also have a youngish forum and community.

The ability to link directly to a post is probably a capability from old-school forums, where each post in a thread has its own URL that can be copied by other authors into new posts. It's a granular way of referencing high-value posts.

Thanks for the link to convert Wordpress to https. I've just installed LetsEncrypt and configuring nginx now.

Great stuff about the http/2 Nick.

This forum's back end is powered by bbPress. The front end is 100% built using Beans! I have added the individual post linking to the list of improvements so make sure you keep this post in your watching list which I will update if/when the feature is added πŸ™‚

Happy coding,

bbPress, very cool. A nice front-end implementation.

Regarding http/2: will you be modifying Beans to take advantage of capabilities like multiplexing small files within a single session?

Yeah, very interested in what Launchschool has to offer, cheers.

Thanks for your kind words πŸ™‚

Once you have SSL setup and HTTP/2 enabled, your HTTP requests will be automatically be multiplexed by taking full advantage of HTTP/2.

For those who are not using HTTP/2, Beans is capable of compiling and caching all assets into one file to avoid multiple HTTP requests as explained in this article. In fact this is a great feature to use even if HTTP/2 is enabled.

Does that reply to your question?

Thanks, Thierry, that does πŸ™‚

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