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I have a strange problem with the input for a new topic in bbPress.

As you can see, it doesn't go to the next line. Even if I hit enter. Repeatedly. It just keeps displaying the characters on the same line.

Now, when I hit submit, the post displays normally. So the issue is just with the input box. But, still, this is a major problem. Nobody's going to post on a forum where they can't see what they're typing.

And to be clear, this is definitely a Beans problem. Using different browsers didn't change anything, but when I tried activating a different theme it worked fine.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else come across this glitch?

Also, a natural follow-up question, Does anyone know what this forum here is running on? Is it bbPress? Because it works great and the input has options bbPress doesn't seem to have, like the preview tab and markup instead of raw html.

Hi Balaram Briant,

Inspect (right click) the textarea element with your browser's developer tools. Uncheck/check one by one the CSS properties in the Styles section to find if the problem is gone.

It looks like line-height is set to 0, if the problem is line-height then you have to manually change the value to 1.4 or 1.5 for better readability.

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