Back to Top – schema strangeness

I'm using the following to enable a back to top method:

// Add Back to Top ID.
beans_add_attribute( 'beans_body', 'id', 'mk-top' );

In development mode, I noticed something interesting:

<body class="home page page-id-5 page-template-default uk-form no-js" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="" id="mk-top" data-markup-id="beans_body"><div class="tm-site" data-markup-id="beans_site">  <div class="tm-header-bar uk-block-muted">


As you can see, WebPage suddenly has a very strange @id. I also noticed there's a bunch of required elements missing, but that's another discussion. It's weird though, how little changes can have unintended consequences.

Tying a back-to-top function to - for example - beans_site also works, but has yet other consequences for schema parsing, notably adding the article_id to CreativeWork @id and removing everything from WebPage except for @type.

These unintended results do not invalidate the schema enabled data structure, they also do not throw up errors in testing tools, but they do deny the presence of schema + data structures getting valued for seo weight.

So how can I enable a functional back-to-top method, without getting in the way of schema?

You could simply prepend an anchor div as such:

add_action( 'beans_body_prepend_markup', 'example_anchor' );

function example_anchor() {

    ?><div id="mk-top"></div><?php



Yeah, I did try a custom anchor div, but that throws WPHeader somehow off track - it's up in smoke.

Incidentally, the very same result I get when adding a header bar when using prepend_markup (before_markup rearranges WebPage elements, also kills any SiteNavigation one might have added).

Somehow this seems to be a very sensitive thing to do, adding/inserting to beans_body.

I see on the beans website itself something similar. There WPHeader has no description as a logo is set for site branding. It's valid syntax, but invalid schema tree / data structure, hence nothing is processed for seo.

Example structure This is strictly for Blog / Post obviously, since a few months every type now needs to carry its own schema (post -> Blog, page -> Article, generic -> Webpage, function specific -> ContactPage, et cetera), but when I apply Beans to it I think it may only be possible to keep things compliant and functional as long as they are contained within the beans fragments as such. So no adding anything before a header, only inside the header, without rearranging things.

Maybe you can think of something else, but I can only see two approaches: first updating & completing schema structures, alternatively extending beans (wp) templates to contain their own data structures?

Hey J.C.

Depending on your markup structure and CSS (like if you added style for div), adding a div may disturb other elements. Make sure that your anchor is not floating or if it is the case, make just that the width is set to 100%. Feel free to post a link to your website if you want me to take a look.

Regarding the schema, I have already made a note to re-look at the all Beans schema and make some more solid testing.


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