Hi Thierry,

Do you have plans to include "Autoprefixer" into Beans JS handling? I think this would be a nice addition.

Also, what version of LESS does Beans use? I tried using the &:extend() feature of LESS v1.4 and it does not work.

Hey Marc,

There is no plan to add the Autoprefixer for a simple reason. It is a nodejs module and Beans doesn't require Nodejs. In fact it doesn't come with a workflow as we wanted to make it as accessible as possible. Moreover, one of the powerful feature in Beans is the Compiler API which would not be possible if a Grunt or Gulp workflow was required. This is also what makes it possible to load UIkit components on demand, and even on a per page basis.

I personally work with nodejs everyday on other projects which is absolutely fantastic but it is very limiting when it comes to do conditional workflow based on WP/PHP conditions. It is also a lot more complicated as it requires npm and nodejs to be installed (can be challenging on low budget hosting) and we rather want to make the best technologies accessible to everybody, in the easiest way possible πŸ™‚

Regarding the &:extend() issue, the only PHP library Beans uses is Lessphp and I just found that the issue has been reported here. We only use one library for this exact reason, these days it is difficult to find stable products. I have added this in the bug list so it should be fixed in the next release (not 1.3.1 as it is being shipped today) πŸ™‚

Thanks Marc,

OK, make sense.

Thanks for the detailed explanation Thierry.

Hey Alex, please refer to my previous answer regarding the Autoprefixer as all the explaination as why there is no plan to add it to Core are clear.

Regarding the Flexbox, you can totaly add the LESS file and enqueue it to the compiler.


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