Error with Class Images at Debug Bar

Hi Thierry,

Thanks for your answer in every my questions. I try to submit my theme with your Beans to ThemeForest but i have a problem with TF Reviewer. They check my theme with Debug Bar plugin and they get this error.

I don't know what line of my code that i must fix it.


Hey Rico,

This error is actually caused by WordPress core wp_get_image_editor() function when trying to edit an image which is not available.

So if you have a post with a featured image and delete your image from your server, it would throw this error because Beans uses wp_get_image_editor().

If you don't want Beans to edite the post images to make it responsive, you can use WordPress Core responsive image introduced in WP 4.4. For that, you can just add the following code to your theme:

add_filter( 'beans_post_image_edit', '__return_false' );

This will tell Beans not to edite post images.

Happy coding,

Yes! it worked perfectly as I wanted.


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