Any way to add a span inside a category link

I need to add an empty span ( <span></span> ) inside each post category link just before the text, it doesn't appear to have a data-markup-id. Please see below for example:

<span class="uk-text-small uk-text-muted uk-clearfix" data-markup-id="beans_post_meta_categories"><a href="" rel="category tag"><span></span>Category 1</a></span>

My purpose for doing this is so I can make the entire containing div clickable whilst using the category url.

Any help / ideas on how this could be achieved would be great.

Hi Jasper,

Thanks for your response, I would try what you suggested and add the uk-position-cover to my link however, it doesn't contain a data-markup-id. The parent element does, which is beans_post_meta_categories but inside that is a link, with no id.

So do you know how I could modify the link attribute?



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